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Mr. Senai W. Andemariam

           Mr. Senai W. Andemariam is a senior associate and head of the international affairs division at our law firm. Since 2004 he has been working in maritime, aviation and international business matters. Moreover, he is a lecturer of law at the School of Law of the College of Arts and Social Sciences in Eritrea since 2001. A former judge and a Fulbright scholar, he is a member of the American Society of International Law, the International Law Association, the Society of International Economic Law as well as IQSensato. Mr. Andemariam has written a book (May 2012) on the regulation of traditional medicines and published numerous articles and book chapters with reputed publishers. He drafted the Evidence Code of Eritrea and has been instrumental in reviewing and finalizing the Draft Penal Code and Criminal Procedure Code of Eritrea.

           He earned his LL.B. from the University of Asmara and his LL.M. from the Georgetown University Law Center. Currently he is a doctoral student at Maastricht University supervised by Prof. dr. Peter Van den Bossche who is also member of the Appellate Body of the World Trade Organization.

Mr. Ataklti Habtemariam

           Mr. Ataklti Habtemariam is a senior associate at our law firm. Currently he is a lecturer at the School of Law of the College of Arts and Social Sciences where he teaches civil procedure and extra-contractual liabilities among other courses. He joined our firm after more than twelve years of working as a judge at the High Court of Eritrea and presiding in the commercial bench of the court. Moreover, he is a member of a core group of advisors to the Minister of Justice. Mr. Habtemaiam is a graduate of the University of Asmara (LL.B.) and the National Law School of India University (LL.M.).

Area of specialty: government relations, personal injury

Area of Specialty: foreign investments, German law, business immigration

Mrs. Yirgalem Woldeghebriel

Area of specialty: international human rights law, family law

Mr. Yimesgen Hailegiorgis photo

Area of specialty: jurisprudence, legal research

Mr. Goitom Haile Photo

Area of specialty:litigation, contracts, criminal law, family law

Mrs. Senait  Photo

Area of specialty:civil law and refugee's related rights.

Mrs. Christina
Mrs. Elam
Mrs. Asmait
Mr. Abraham Desta Gebremedhin

Area of specialty: Registrar, labour law, maritime, business law, contracts and law of the sea

Mr. Abraham Mellakh Habte
Mr. Zenawi Haile Mana

Area of specialty: Criminal law, intellectual property law, information technology law, Islamic law

Mr. Senay Kiflu

Area of specialty: negotiable instruments

Ms. Wegahta Feshazion Zere

Area of specialty: administrative law, Human rights